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Comprehensive Chihuahua Breed Overview | Furry Babies Rockford

July 26, 2023 | Categories: Breed Profiles

Comprehensive Chihuahua Breed Overview | Furry Babies Rockford

Chihuahua Breed Overview

The Chihuahua is a captivating breed known for its small size, big personality, and strong loyalty to their humans.

Origins in Mexico

The Chihuahua breed can trace its roots back to Mexico, specifically the region corresponding to the modern-day Chihuahua state. It’s believed that the breed evolved from a small, mute dog called the Techichi, popular among the ancient Toltec civilization, predating the Aztecs.

Companion of Nobility

Techichis, the probable ancestors of today’s Chihuahuas, held a place of significant importance in ancient Mexican societies. They were often seen as companions of the nobility and were cherished for their loyalty and affectionate nature.

Symbol of the Afterlife

In pre-Columbian societies, these dogs weren’t just companions; they also had religious and cultural significance. They were thought to guide the souls of the departed through the afterlife, a testament to their importance in these societies’ spiritual beliefs.

Discovery and Recognition

The modern-day Chihuahua breed we know was discovered in the mid-19th century in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, from which they got their name. American visitors to Mexico brought these fascinating small dogs back with them, and the breed’s popularity gradually spread.

The Chihuahua Today

Today, the Chihuahua breed is recognized globally and adored for its spunky personality, loyalty, and petite size. Whether as celebrity pets or companions in regular households, these dogs leave a significant imprint on the hearts of those who bring them into their homes.

Characteristics of a Chihuahua

Despite its small size, the Chihuahua breed boasts a big personality and distinctive set of characteristics.

Size and Appearance

The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest dog breed, standing between 5 to 8 inches at the shoulder. They typically weigh between 2 to 6 pounds, often varying even within the same litter. Don’t be fooled by their tiny size; their personality is anything but small!

This breed is known for its apple-shaped head, large, round eyes, and ears that stand erect when alert. Chihuahuas come in many colors: black, white, fawn, chocolate, and more. Depending on the variety, they can have either smooth, shiny coats or long, soft coats.

Vivacious Temperament

Chihuahuas are celebrated for their vibrant and spirited personalities. Often described as having a ‘terrier-like’ demeanor, they are full of energy and unafraid to stand their ground.

Chihuahuas are known for their unwavering loyalty to their owners. They form strong bonds with their human families and are often particularly attached to one member. This deep attachment can sometimes lead them to become protective or even jealous.

They’re generally reserved around strangers but can warm up once they feel secure. Their alert nature can make them a good watchdog, though preventing this from developing into excessive barking is important.

Health and Lifespan

Chihuahuas are generally a healthy breed with a surprisingly long lifespan for dogs, often between 14-16 years. Some have been known to live well into their twenties

However, like all breeds, they are prone to specific health conditions. These can include dental issues due to their small mouth size, heart problems such as heart murmurs, and patellar luxation, where the knee joint slides in and out of place.

Because of their petite size, Chihuahuas are also more prone to injuries. Care should be taken to prevent them from jumping off high surfaces or getting underfoot. Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial to ensure that any potential health issues are caught and addressed early.

Despite these concerns, Chihuahuas can lead long, healthy lives with the right care and attention and bring their families years of joy and companionship.

Caring for a Chihuahua Puppy

Chihuahua care involves specific considerations due to their small size and unique characteristics.

Diet and Nutrition

Given their size, Chihuahuas require a diet tailored to their nutritional needs. It’s essential to feed them high-quality dog food appropriate for small breeds.


Chihuahuas are energetic and require regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and burn off energy.


The Chihuahua breed comes in both smooth and long coat varieties. Regular grooming is crucial to keep your Chihuahua looking its best, regardless of the coat type. Check out our grooming guide for more tips.


Chihuahuas are intelligent and eager to please, which makes them fairly easy to train. However, they can be stubborn, so patience and consistency are key.

Bringing Home a Chihuahua Puppy

Before bringing home a Chihuahua puppy, it’s essential to puppy-proof your home to ensure it’s safe. You can learn more about this from our guide on puppy-proofing.

Choosing Chihuahua Breeders

When choosing Chihuahua breeders, it’s important to ensure they’re reputable and prioritize the health and well-being of their dogs. A responsible breeder should be able to provide health clearances for both of the puppy’s parents.


With their distinctive characteristics and spirited personalities, Chihuahuas can make a delightful addition to the right homes. Furry Babies Rockford is here to assist if you feel a Chihuahua could be the right breed for you. Contact us for any queries or help choosing the perfect Chihuahua puppy for your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the personality of a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are known for their lively and devoted nature. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and can be protective.

Are Chihuahua puppies easy to train?

Chihuahuas are intelligent and generally eager to please, which can make training easier. However, they can sometimes be stubborn, so consistent, positive reinforcement methods work best.

What health issues are common in the Chihuahua breed?

Chihuahuas, like all breeds, can be prone to certain health issues. This includes dental problems, heart disease, and patellar luxation. Regular vet check-ups can help maintain their health.

How often should I groom my Chihuahua?

The grooming frequency for Chihuahuas depends on their coat type. A weekly brush should suffice, but they might need more frequent grooming if they have a long coat.

What should I feed my Chihuahua puppy?

Chihuahuas should be fed high-quality dog food that’s appropriate for small breeds. It’s important to avoid overfeeding as Chihuahuas can easily become overweight.

Where can I find reputable Chihuahua breeders?

Finding reputable Chihuahua breeders involves research. Check for breeders who provide health clearances and prioritize the well-being of their dogs.

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